Archaic – The Solution Comes In Nonordinary Realities


At these challenging and uncertain times we’re living in, we face the reality of the destruction of the balance of Nature, and the consequences on our lives and all living creatures, our relatives here on Gaia.
Human’s are not the centre of the Universe. Our ego must descent!

Music has the power to awaken our consciousness and inspires to re-define our life. It brings us to non-ordinary realities and inspires for personal change. It can help us find the transpersonal higher Self to readjust our values and to reconnect with our Mother Earth.
She will guide us to find Solutions?
released July 21, 2020

Written & Produced by Archaic
Mastered by Tim Schuldt – 4CN-Studios
Artwork by Максим Сухарев
Pralayah Records – PYRDG004 – 2020
Release Date : 21/07/2020

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