Archaic’s musical background starts with the punk age of the 80s and later with the first underground rave culture at the end of the 80s. He fell in love with psychedelic trance music in the early 90s after a couple of “summer of love” parties and underground parties in England! Around 1996, he started to experiment and write his own music, both alone and with friends, creating tracks that only existed on DAT tapes. In 2002, he released his first solo album “Shining Beings”, under the name “Initia”. Since then, he has never stopped exploring his passion for music and composition, and in 2005, the Archaic Project was born! In 2008, the first Archaic album, “Wildness” was released. The music had a massive response, and many other releases came after that, making his music even more known to the international psy-trance community.

After the first album, two more followed: the second, “Sonic Driving,” in 2011, and the third, titled “Mountain Powers” in 2018. Several EPs and many other single releases on various compilations kept on releasing till date. The Musical Path continues and expands the Sonic Territories with fresh flavours, colours, and new soundscapes, which can sometimes be unusual and weird places out of our ordinary reality but seek harmony and balance. Archaic’s music is intense and reveals fine harmony between prodigious depths and magical elevations of sound; it’s empowering and truly alive, created to bring you into a non-ordinary dance state to reveal directions to your own source of power. “It is the magic in us”!

You can expect a new Archaic album for ’23 here on Pralayah Records.

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