Bosmer – Ooze Tales


In the Aldmeri language, “bos” means forest, and “mer” means people. 

You are cordially invited to step into the mystical world of Bosmer; the new forest psytrance project from Portuguese darkpsy architect LAB.
Extracted from the beliefs of these eco-inhabitans, Bosmer intertwines the rejection of conventionality to the civilized world with an exotic technique of musical production which includes organic modular synthesis, plenty of randomization as well as earthy basslines.
Suit up to enter the wildnerness and become one with what mother nature intended us to be.

Released July 7, 2018

W+P By : Renato Moreira,Portugal
Mastered By : Petran @ Echology Studio,London
Artwork By : TwinJets,India
© All rights reserved