Bubbleguns – Kingdom Of Trees


Bubbleguns’s music has always taken inspiration from the sounds of nature – the birds, the creatures, the animals… the sound of the wild. Life in the wilderness amongst the trees is cyclical and the ecosystem is balanced — death sets the precedence for life, life eventually returns to the ground and rebirth arrives. This is the cyclical rhythm of nature.

Kingdom of Trees represents his relationship with this rhythm. It’s a journey into the mystical world of trees – life-bearing canopies, cricket chirps, fireflies, birdsongs, monkey screams, owl hoots and grand roots; the all encompassing beauty of it all.

Digipack & Merchandise to be OUT SOON!!
released December 1, 2022

Art by Already Maged 🇺🇦
Mastered 4CN-Studios 🇩🇪
Pralayah Records (PYRCD007)
all rights reserved

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