BubbleGuns – Sacred Space


When we lose ourselves to the music and dance in a state of trance, the place where we dance becomes our Sacred Space. It’s the space where we lose ourselves to the music, the space where we flow with the music that takes over our being. Leaving this space makes us feel incomplete. We make this space our own, our energy taking over it. The space and the dancer become one.
Pralayah Records is proud to present the EP of Kolkata-based artist Bubbleguns titled ‘SACRED SPACE’. The EP comprises 3 forest-psytrance originals that clearly depict Bubbleguns’ unique style incorporating sounds of the forest coupled with deep organic atmospheres and intricate, catchy grooves. The EP also marks an evolution of the style that Bubbleguns is originally known for. Expect a journey through various sonic realms while keeping it all organic in terms of feel. Mark your Sacred Space and be one with it.
released November 23, 2018

Produced By : Vinay Daswani
Mastered By : Tim Schuldt- 4CN-Studios
Artwork By : Prem Kumud
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