Bubbleguns is the psytrance project of Vinay from Kolkata, India. Bubblegun’s 10 year long career as a psytrance producer and DJ has taken him to various stages across the world from Europe to Japan to even the beautiful islands of Reunion, while his music has been released on prestigious record labels across the globe such as Pralayah records (India), Digital Shiva Power (Japan), Mighty Quinn records (Japan/USA), Mental Sauce records (Japan), Omveda (India), Medulla Oblongata (Poland) and more. As a producer, his tracks have been acclaimed by the largest names in the scene. Bubbleguns brought his live set to tour Europe during the summers of 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 and over the years he’s played at some of the most coveted festivals around including Freqs of Nature festival (Germany), Lost Theory Festival (Spain), Revision festival (Greece) and Master of Puppets festival (Czech Republic) among others. 2018 saw him release his second EP on Pralayah records which received fantastic reviews from labels, DJs and enthusiasts alike. 2019 also saw him tour Japan for the first time with the prestigious record label Digital Shiva Power. Late 2019 saw him make his debut tour of Australia. His tracks have been played out on the world’s biggest dance floors by the most revered DJs. As a DJ himself, he is touring constantly and playing to euphoric dancefloors everywhere.

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