Oleg also known as Myr has fallen in love with electronic music forever after the incredible experience of raves in the 90s, where various legendary artists performed from Prodigy to all kinds of hardcore and drum and bass artists … Even then, he began to experiment with sound using old DOS applications and through the years of traveling through these sonic realm, he was deeply influenced by the psychedelic culture, such as Dark Soho, Rip Van Hippie and then Scandinavian Forest Sounds from Yggdrasil and Sanaton Records.

Furvusgustus was formed in the year 2020 & was embodied in a separate project, created in Goa while experiencing some powerful dark , experimental & forest psytrance festivals powered by Pralayah Records. Furvusgustus is the darker alter ego,  combination of the cold vibrations of the nanotechnological processes developed in a forest laboratory, on the border of the reality and the metaphysical universe, under the influence of deep northern music.

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