Dimitris (aka Kaos) is a Greek psychedelic trance music producer born in 1979. Driven and motivated by psychedelic trance events and culture since the mid-1990s, he began exploring the world of electronic music as a producer in 2004. The first Kaos track was released by Goanmantra Records in 2008. Since then, there have been several releases on various well known music labels. Kaos has collaborated with artists such as Stranger (Strange Kaos) and Polyphonia (Polykaos). Goanmantra Records published “Strange Kaos-Above the Earth”, a split album with Stranger, in 2012. Insomnia Records published Kaos' debut solo album, “Students of Anthropology”, in 2018. You can expect his second solo album titled “Beyond magic” here on Pralayah Records in 2023.

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