Nicolo is a key contributing creative to Californian arts and music culture. From his youth, he dedicated his heart and mind to a myriad of aspects in music and event production. As a special effects artist in his youth, he found an intrigue for haunted attractions, scenic work and production deisgn. He honed these skills to be used for behind the scenes production and design of both environments as well as events, and pioneered a record label and a long-standing event culture in the Bay Area. Working under many different monikers, he has brought his forest and deep psychedelic sounds to dancefloors around the bay area, and from 2005, spread his and other artist’s sounds farther through his record label Psybertribe Records. Now his reputation of successful gatherings such as the monthly R3V!v@L gathering in Santa Cruz, and annual beach gatherings , he continues to feed the community with mysteriously inspired treats of psychedlic flavor, keeping the scene devoted and eager for more. With a style that lies in the darker side of the psychedlic spectrum, he dares to keep the sounds fresh and enticing, and the dancefloors pulsing in anticipation. Through his visual and audio arts over the last 20 years, he is able to feed the scene with both sound and form as a means to heal, inspire, and connect all tribes around the world.

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