The Scope project was created by Yannick Thiry, from Belgium, in 2008.
At that time, Yannick had already been performing as a live act and DJ since the end 90’s at Goa-parties across Belgium and Europe.
After succeeding in his Sound-Engineering studies at the well known SAE institute, he was able to express and extend his personal musical preferences in his own projects, of which ‘Scope’ is the best known and has forest & psychedelic influences.
Scope was officially introduced by Mubali at Boom Festival in 2008, who hosted Scope at Boom-Radio for a showcase and launch of the project.
In total, Yannick has been able to keep dancefloors going for about 20 years now.
Next to that, he is a teacher in sound-engineering and delivers high-end audio productions for T.V., advertising and film.
He never uses the same kick, base, or other sounds twice and he is always looking for fresh sounds, new techniques, and a slowly progressing storyline so to be able to stay in a deep but foresty trance.
Scope has performed in over 20 different countries and on the main festivals in our scene.
After years of releasing numerous tracks on multiple known labels, the Scope project found a home-base in Pralayah Records, India (releasing the first Scope album).
We are very much looking forward to hearing the next chapter in his musical evolution!
You can find all related info (a large biography, discography, and performance-calendar) on the Scope-project-page.

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