Strange Kaos


Strange Kaos is a collaborative project spearheaded by Stefanos Gkogkakos (also known as Stranger, Gr00ve Digger) and Dimitrios Papapavlos (also known as Kaos). Hailing from the same neighborhood in Thessaloniki, Greece, both individuals bonded over their shared love for psychedelic trance and event organization dating back to the late 90s. Fast forward a few years, with music production becoming an integral part of their daily routines, the duo officially launched the Strange Kaos project. Their inaugural release, “Strange Kaos-Goanmantra,” debuted in 2007 as part of the Goanmantra Records compilation “Hypnotherapy.” Subsequently, in 2012, their premier album “Strange Kaos-Above The World” was unveiled under the Goanmantra Records label. Their musical style can be best characterized as hypnotic, fluid, at times whimsical, yet consistently psychedelic, featuring robust beats and rhythms that promise an immersive dance experience. The majority of the sounds featured in their compositions are generated using Stef’s custom-built analog modular synthesizer, alongside some contributions from the digital modular Nord G2. Their sophomore album, “Goa 2020,” was recently released under the Pralayah Records imprint in 2022, accompanied by a lavish launch event held against the picturesque backdrop of Vagator Beach, where both artists delivered a captivating live performance. Stay tuned for their upcoming EP, set to be unveiled in the near future!

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