Stef Stranger’s first musical love was hard rock and heavy metal music.
He started his initial sound experiments back in the year 1998 with the software Rebirth (that was before Reason, contained 2 virtual drum machines and 2 303 emulations), just a few weeks after he was introduced to psytrance sounds by Dimitris Kaos.
His interest in psychedelic trance production grew more after his first visit to Goa (India) in 2001.
His first official releases started in the year 2005.
Since then he has released more than 50 tracks ,with many collaborations and has performed Live at various festivals & parties around the world.
His debut album was released at Tantrumm Records in the year 2007.
He released a split album with Kaos as Strange Kaos titled Above the World at Goanmantra Records in the year 2012.
Some of his side projects include ALITIA with Orestis, STRANGE KAOS with Kaos, KUKU RUKU with Zik.
He also has another solo project called Gr00ve Digger that is releasing music at Digital Shiva Power and Milega Records, Japan.
Because of his big love with the synthesizer’s sound, he started building analog eurorack modules in 2016.
His latest music contains mostly recordings of his handmade eurorack modules creations and will be released as 2 full length albums,Stranger and Strange Kaos (together with Kaos) by Pralayah Records.

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