Refund Policy

Cancellation Rights and Refunds

  1. Tickets cannot be transferred, exchanged, or refunded once purchased other than for the reasons set out in our terms and conditions.
  2. No duplicate tickets will be issued to replace tickets that have been lost or stolen after they have been delivered to you, and nor will such tickets be refunded.


  1. If the event is postponed, the purchased ticket will be considered valid for the substitute event in the same or nearby location.
  2. In case of event cancellation, meaning that no alternative events are offered by the Promoter, you will be eligible for a refund. For refund process please contact us via mail:
  3. If for any reason you are entitled to a refund, in most cases you must return any tickets you have: follow the refund instructions otherwise you may not receive a refund. If these require you to return the tickets, do so promptly and within the timeframe communicated to you.
  4. Any refund will usually be paid, using the same method you used to buy the tickets, within 90 days of the date that we receive your returned tickets, whichever is later.
  5. For more information about refunds, please contact us.
  6. No refunds will be offered under any circumstances if you fail to comply with all the terms and conditions applicable to those tickets or the event.